Local towns awarded partnership status

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MALTON and Norton are set to benefit from a £10,000 grant to improve both town centres following the confirmation of a Towns Team Partnership status.

The Minister for Housing announced that the Malton and Norton Area Partnership was successful in the application which it made in September, following a previously failed bid to become a Portas Pilot in July.

The organisation will now act as the co-ordinating team for the two regions and will assess ideas put forward on how best to promote the town centre areas.

MP for Thirsk and Malton Anne McIntosh, who supported the bid along with Ryedale District Council, said: “I am delighted that the Portas Town Team has granted funding to the Malton and Norton Area Partnership.

“This is an extremely worthwhile partnership who will use this funding for the good of the Malton and Norton community.

“I commend the Malton and Norton Area Partnership for all their hard work and dedication and am so pleased that their hard work and diligence has been recognised.”

Roddy Bushell, agent for the Fitzwilliam’s Malton Estate which owns a considerable part of Malton and some land in Norton, also welcomed the news and confirmed the estate would work closely with the partnership to carry out improvements to make the two towns more accessible and attractive to both local residents and visitors alike.

Denys Townsend, the chairman of Business in Action, added: “This is really good news for the businesses of Malton and Norton.

“It will enable the partnership to work with business to promote the towns to the wider community.”

In the coming weeks, there will be an assessment of the various suggestions for improvements made during a survey carried out by Business in Action, seeking ideas for increasing trade and retail motivation in the two towns.

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