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breaking news

Business experts will visit Pickering next month to give advice to local enterprises on how to nurture their customers.

The event, at 17 Burgate, is being held by Pickering Business Group and the North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership on Tuesday, March 11.

The free seminar is aimed at retail and tourism businesses as well as local business champions, town teams, local shops, campaigners and councillors, said Cllr William Oxley, the group’s chairman.

Speakers will include Tina Boden, a micro business owner and campaigner; Keith Ramsay, a retail management consultant; and Paul Graham, inventor of Phlok, an innovative customer loyalty tool.

There will also be an update on Pickering in Business and information on the Track Rod Rally which will set off from Pickering later this year.

“This is a great opportunity for businesses in Pickering to work together on a customer loyalty scheme and targeted training,” said Cllr Oxley,

He said it was important that Pickering did not fall behind Helmsley which has set up a successful business group, and the Totally Locally Campaign in Malton. “It’s important that Pickering has a pro-active business group.”




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