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All creatures - great and small - can receive a blessing at a special Pet Service this weekend.

The Rev. Stephen Gamble, the Vicar of Newton with Stape, will lead the service, which has been organised by the congregation of St John’s Church, on the village green in Newton-on-Rawcliffe, on Saturday from 4pm.

One of the service organisers, Andrew Orland, said: “This is the first time we have organised a service like this in Newton, but we wanted to do something different, less formal and fun that would involve the wider community.

“We hope to attract all sorts of creatures, both great and small, that will hopefully all be accompanied by their owners.

“Being on the village green we can accommodate everything from a pet Tarantula to a Shire Horse. Each animal will receive an individual blessing and we can thank God for the wonders of creation and the love and pleasure our pets bring us.”

Rev Gamble added: “This will be the first time I have led a service like this, but I am really looking forward to it. It will be a good way to meet those living in the two villages, the surrounding area and hopefully from further afield as well. I just hope that I do not end up with too many bites and that all my fingers stay intact!”

Bringing a pet is not a requirement to attend the service, but those who do are asked to ensure that they remain responsible for the safety and behaviour of their pets for the 
duration of the service.

Pictured: The Rev Stephen Gamble and Andrew 
Orland. 142735

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