Celebs add recipes to cook book in aid of Ryedale charity

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A new cook book featuring recipes from chefs and celebrities including Rebecca Adlington, Tonia Buxton and James Martin has been released at a star-studded evening in London on Saturday.

Food for Thought... and Brain has been put together by Tim Bond to raise money for The Encephalitis Society, which is based on Castlegate, Malton.

Tim’s life was devastated by the condition in 2007, leaving him with limited mobility and reduced speech, but he found solace in cooking which helped him to aid his recovery.

“Every day was mentally exhausting and incredibly challenging and trying to pace myself was impossible as I definitely wanted to run before I could walk and couldn’t accept that I didn’t know how to do things for myself,” he said. “Cooking has always been a passion of mine, and I was determined to rekindle that passion and learn to cook for myself again. It was frustrating at first, but oddly therapeutic in trying to relearn my lost skills. The methodical approach to cooking recipes from a book really helped my recovery. I wanted to give something back to The Encephalitis Society who were such a massive help in my time of need, as well as giving hope to others that have also been affected.”

The book available from www.encephalitis.info, also includes a cocktail developed by internationally renowned mixologist, Ben Reed, who was inspired by Susannah Cahalan’s bestseller, “Brain On Fire,” which recounts her own story of Encephalitis, an inflammation of the brain that affects 6,000 people in England each year.

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