Council to investigate new traffic light system

breaking news

breaking news

The new traffic light system at the busy crossroads of the A170, Vivis Lane and The Ropery at Pickering is being checked by North Yorkshire County Council highway engineers following concerns by elderly and disabled people who say they are not given sufficient time to cross the road.

Richard Marr the highway’s manager and surveyor for Ryedale, said that lights had been timed to achieve the most efficiency.

Even when the “green man” light for pedestrians ceases, there is still a time gap to enable people who have started to make their journey across the road, to reach the other side. But, he added engineers are to investigate the situation.

Town Clerk, Andrew Husband, said: “People have complained that there is no bleeper system and the green man is only illuminated for a few seconds which worries older and disabled people and causing them anxiety.”




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