Couple devoted lives to railway

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Tribute has been paid to a couple whose lives were 
devoted to the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.

Tom Salmon, known as the “Father of the Railway”, died on Christmas morning, just hours after his beloved wife, Erica, had passed away on Christmas Eve.

Earlier in the year, during the railway’s 40th Anniversary Gala and although not well at the time, Tom and Erica, alongside the whole Salmon household, had come together on Ruswarp Station for a reunion of all the founding members of the NYMR.

Without Tom’s vision, the North Yorkshire Moors Railway would not be the world’s most popular heritage railway, as it was Tom who first called together the meeting of the preservation society to his house back in 1967.

Tom and Erica, who lived near Whitby, were lifelong supporters and volunteers of the railway, a devotion they passed down to their daughters, Nina and Wendy, who also helped support the railway and Tom in his vision.

Philip Benham, general manager of the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, said “Our thoughts and prayers are now with Tom and Erica’s family.”

Mr Benham added: “The volunteers and staff of the NYMR could not be more grateful for all they both have done for the Railway.”

Wreaths will placed on the front of the engines in memory of devoted Tom and Erica.




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