Drink-drive warning as party season starts



Police across Ryedale and North Yorkshire are urging the public to stay safe over the Christmas and New Year period.

With party season now in full-swing, many people will be out celebrating in pubs, bars and clubs throughout the county and they are now being reminded to think about how to get home safely.

Police say it is a good idea for members of the public to plan their journey home before going out, either by arranging for someone to pick them up, booking a taxi, appointing a designated driver or taking public transport, and, no matter what, avoiding drinking or taking drugs and driving.

Since North Yorkshire Police’s Christmas Safety Campaign began at the end of November, officers have arrested 61 motorists on suspicion of driving while under the influence of drink or drugs.

Of those arrested, 28 people have been charged with drink or drug driving or failing to provide a specimen.

Eleven of those arrests have come from the Scarborough and Ryedale area.

Many of those charged have already appeared in court or are due before Magistrates before the New Year, where they face losing their driving licences.

Traffic Sergeant Andy Morton, of North Yorkshire Police, said: “If you are attending a Christmas party or are planning a night out with friends over the next couple of weeks, start thinking about how you are going to get home.

“Drink or drug driving is not a safe or sensible option and it is also against the 

“There are much better and more responsible options such as taxis, public transport and lifts from family or friends.

“Getting home safely and without a criminal record should be your priority and will ensure that you have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.”

Sgt Morton warned that anyone who dismisses his advice and takes the risk is putting their own and other people’s lives’ in jeopardy.




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