Drivers urged to stay safe

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Officers from the Safer Ryedale Partnership and the County Council’s 95 Alive campaign have been promoting safer winter driving and warning of mixing drugs and alcohol with driving.

Andrew Santon, Ryedale’s road safety officer, said drivers who committed a traffic offence were stopped and breathalysed, adding: “Just 50 drivers were stopped in Malton and Pickering, either for having defective lights or exceeding the speed limit. We were surprised at just how many vehicles had lights that were not working. I’m sure drivers just don’t check their vehicles regularly.”

One motorist was found to be driving a van with bald tyres, broken rear lights and a broken mirror, and another motorist was found to have alcohol in his system.

Mark Naylor, chairman of the Road Safety Task Group, said: “Action like this is key to promoting road safety.

“Working together as a partnership makes it an educational experience for drivers who are spoken to,” Mr Naylor 

While there has not been any severe winter weather so far, motorists are being urged to check their vehicles.




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