Estate reveals plans for 500 new homes

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Members of the public have had their first chance to look at plans to build 500 homes on the outskirts of Malton.

The Fitzwilliam (Malton) 
Estate unveiled its proposals for the development on Castle Howard Road during an event at 12 Market Street on Friday and Saturday.

The proposals, inspired by other North Yorkshire villages, include detached, semi-detached and terraced homes, accommodation suitable for the over-55s, and affordable housing – all of which were highlighted by a computer-generated “fly through” of the development.

Master planner Leon Krier, architect Jan Maciag, independent planning consultant Hannah Andrew and Roddy Bushell, the estate manager, were all on hand to answer the public’s questions.

“This will not be the usual type of housing development,” said Mr Maciag. “The brief I was given was to put forward a high quality site, which would enhance and be an extension to the existing town of Malton.”

Mr Bushell said: “The event was very well attended, non-stop all day. The consultation achieved its objective; to inform and encourage ideas for inclusion in the development plan.

“Jan Maciag’s designs shown in a captivating ‘fly-through’ were warmly received by most people.

“Concerns raised at the consultation focused on traffic flow in and out of Malton, school provision and how local doctors’ surgeries would cope with the increased population.

“There were some good points raised about the demand for single storey accommodation, lack of children’s play area and ‘overlooking’ of neighbours in some areas.

“The design team will 
now be put to task to answer those questions.”

The information boards will remain on public display at 12 Market Street for the next week with the plans due to be submitted to Ryedale District Council in the near future.

Mr Bushell added: “This proposed development is not just another large housing estate.

“The intention is to build this slowly over eight years. This will mean that the impact of the development will grow in sequence with Malton’s infrastructure. We hope also that building in small stages will mean we can use smaller, more local builders which will add some variety to both the construction and the housing market.”




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