Flood defences on village’s wish list

Flooding in Sinnington at the weekend, caught on camera by reader Stuart Frank, of Scarborough.   submitted photo

Flooding in Sinnington at the weekend, caught on camera by reader Stuart Frank, of Scarborough. submitted photo

Villagers in picture-postcard Sinnington have spelled out a list of actions they want to see with flood defence work and road improvements heading the list.

Sinnington has suffered extensive floods in recent years, with many homes being badly hit - one of the worst being in 2007 when the entire centre of the village was under water.

Now, as a result of an extensive questionnaire, around two thirds of residents say further steps should be taken to reduce the threat of flooding.

The report says: “Several felt that the type of up-stream work carried out as part of the “Slowing the Flow” project of tree planting and land management run-off, should be continued and extended if possible.”

Several residents want the banks of the river which runs through Sinnington to be cleared or the river bed dug out, but opponents said it would damage the natural environment.

Others have suggested dredging the river or building flood banks but the Environment Agency (EA) has ruled them out on cost grounds and because it believes they will be ineffective. Flood banks have been rejected by residents because they fear it would spoil the village.

Other ideas include creating a flood plain about the village and water-holding ponds. Several householders have called for flood doors to be provided to protect their homes, and tackling the national problem of property insurance premiums being based on what residents describe as “flood risk postcodes”.

Among other issues highlighted for action in the new village plan are the poor visibility at the junctions of the village main street with the busy A170 road, poor road crossings for horse riders, pedestrians and cyclists on the A170; small areas of the village green and manorial wasteland being “taken over” for parking, garden extensions or by businesses.

Roger Hudson, chairman of the parish council, said: “It was an excellent response with 62 per cent of residents putting forward their ideas in the questionnaire.

“Some have already been achieved such as providing a new village noticeboard which has been kindly made by a resident, out of solid oak.”

He added that a plan was devised in 2005 and a number of the issues raised them have been actioned.




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