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The anticipated £400,000 shortfall in the pioneering Slow the Flow project “may not be as bad as first feared,” says Anne McIntosh.

The Thirsk and Malton MP told Pickering Town Council that she made enquiries with the Environment Agency which had told her the extra costs were caused by a need to buy clay for the water holding area at Newbridge.

“The EA had been unable to get enough clay from Northallerton which means having to buy it from elsewhere,” said Ms McIntosh.

“They have said that the cost over-run may not be as bad as feared and they are confident that it can be managed.”

Members of Pickering Town Council last week agreed to contribute a further £5,000 towards the shortfall and help to combat flooding in the town.

l A Land Drainage meeting will now take place at The Blansby Park Estate, off Blansby Park Lane, today at 6pm.

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