Lobby group to speak up on rural issues

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A NEW group is coming together to speak up for rural communities in Yorkshire and Humber.

The Rural Policy Group will bring together leaders of voluntary and community groups to share knowledge and lobby national and local decision makers on issues such as housing, health and social care, transport, farming, business, green energy and more.

The group, which held its first meeting on Thursday, has been set up by charity Involve Yorkshire & Humber after the organisation’s rural team found a demand among rural charities for a means to 
use their combined voice to influence decisions taken by government departments, health authorities and others about the services and support provided to rural areas.

The first meeting looked at what themes the group wishes to concentrate on, such as fuel poverty, access to broadband, transport or health services.

Jessica Jubb, Rural Development Officer at Involve Yorkshire & Humber, said: “This is a challenging time for the voluntary and community sector in rural areas.

“We think that by coming together voluntary and community groups can use their voices to shape opportunities together and improve rural services.”

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