Mayor’s praise for volunteers efforts

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The large number of volunteers in Pickering are helping to fight local authority budget cuts, says Mayor Sue Cowan in her annual report.

Praising the helpers, she said: “We benefit so much from the voluntary activities of so many people and it may be that some services which we take for granted will be dependent on volunteers if they are to continue. We are hopeful that more people will come forward as the tradition of voluntary activity in Pickering is very strong.”

Elsewhere in the report, Cllr Cowan said the new parking enforcement scheme in the town has been welcomed “on the whole.”

She added: “But we hope that the area on the eastern side of Potter Hill at the junction with Westgate can become a parking area once more. Finding a parking space in Pickering can be challenging particularly in the summer tourist season.”

There was also praise for the Slow the Flow Project which, she believes, will bring reassurance to previous victims of flooding.

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