Moorsbus back on road after funding cuts

The Moorsbus on Blakey Rigg

The Moorsbus on Blakey Rigg

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Hard work has paid off for a group of volunteers who have revived a service which brings the beauty of the North York Moors to locals and visitors alike.

The Friends of Moorsbus decided to act when the North York Moors National Park Authority was forced to cancel its comprehensive and award-winning bus service last year due to funding cutbacks by North Yorkshire County Council and the National Park Authority.

It meant there were virtually no Sunday bus services for a huge area of the North York Moors for the first time in 30 years.

But, thanks to the Friends of Moorsbus, a minimum service is now back on the road again - with hopes to extend the service further in the future.

Helen Gundry, of the Friends of Moorsbus, said: “Many people from Teesside to The Humber, and from towns and villages in and around the North York Moors were hugely disappointed that this part of their national heritage would no longer be accessible for those without a private car. And at the same time, others were concerned that businesses and the environment would also suffer as a result of no Sunday bus services.”

The new service has benefited from more than £5,000 donated by past passengers.

“We’ve safeguarded access to part of the park and if we can obtain further financial support we may be able to extend the operation,” added Helen.

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