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breaking news

Anne McIntosh, the MP for the Malton, Thirsk and Filey constituency, is putting her nomination forward to be the Conservative candidate for the division in the General Election in May 2015.

The move follows a clash with the Executive of the Constituency Conservative Party which had previously tried to de-select her.

Ms McIntosh, a barrister had a majority of 11,281 at the last General Election in 2010 – some 52 per cent of the vote.

The executive had decided not to re-adopt Ms McIntosh as its candidate but the decision was later overturned by the Conservative Party’s national board which ordered another contest in September after a three month inquiry.

Ms McIntosh said she had been invited to put her name forward as the Conservative candidate for the next election.

“I am both thrilled and delighted to have been asked. The decision on whether to adopt me as the candidate will be taken by all 540 Conservative Party members in the Malton, Thirsk and Filey Conservative Association in January in the true spirit of democracy and openness.”

She added: “Having served as MP for Malton, Thirsk and Filey for three years, it is right and timely to concentrate on priorities for the next election. The focus will be very much on delivering excellent affordable public services in a rural area and a fair deal for farmers.”

The votes in the ballot will be counted on January 31.

Some members of the Constituency Executive have accused Ms McIntosh of spending too little time on constituency matters.

But last month, Prime Minister David Cameron, personally praised the Ryedale MP, who is chairman of the Government’s select committee on the environment, food and rural affairs, for her dedication and hard work as an MP.

He said: “I appreciate your contribution as a constituency MP, especially in the vast rural seat which you represent.

“I value both your support and your contribution – you are one of the most assiduous MPs – you are almost always there in the House of Commons’ Chamber shouldering the burden of Parliamentary duties. I really do appreciate your enormous efforts and I look forward to working together with you in the months and years ahead.”




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