New plans for potash mine

breaking news

breaking news

A new plan being put forward to build a £1 billion potash mine in the North York Moors National Park will have “important and potentially significant changes” to the original which was shelved last year, members of the park’s planning committee will be told tomorrow.

Director of Planning, Chris France, says York Potash the company behind the scheme says there could be an increase in the size of he mine head site at Doves Nest Farm, Sneaton, together with “a considerable extension” of the construction time frame, and a likely reduced annual tonnage extraction of polyhalite. In addition, says Mr France, there is also likely to be a change in the target market for the potash from domestic to overseas.

In his report to the committee, Mr France says: “The financial and staffing implications for continuing to deal with the York Potash proposals are significant and reserves set aside to cover the costs, are now spent or fully committed.”




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