Pilot scheme for hospital before system ‘breaks’

file pics - Malton Hospital. Picture by Andrew Higgins 123035d  27/07/12

file pics - Malton Hospital. Picture by Andrew Higgins 123035d 27/07/12

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A new approach to delivering healthcare in Malton has got to be brought in before the system collapses.

The stark warning came from health boss Mike Proctor who has outlined plans for a scheme to be piloted at the town’s hospital.

He said caring for elderly patients and those with mental health needs in hospital is costing too much but there are sometimes no other options, especially if someone has been admitted via A&E.

The deputy chief executive of York Foundation Trust said: “Unless we change the way that we work the whole thing is going to break.

“We recognise that in all parts of the system and that means health and social care - we have got to work together.”

Malton Hospital is set to become a community hub with GPs and other services such as mental health, physio, palliative and district nurses based there.

Rather than patients having access to these services sporadically they will be brought to the hub to access them on the same day.

They could have one or two sessions a week at the hub.

Mr Proctor said: “We can offer them a better form of treatment and care.

“By doing that we introduce some social interaction and prevent some of that isolation. It is almost like a side benefit.”

The scheme is still in the planning stages but is expected to be operational from October.

If successful it will also be rolled out to Selby.

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