Potash mine: change to pipeline proposal

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breaking news

York Potash, the company planning to spend billions of pounds building a potash mine on the North York Moors National Park, is changing a key part of its scheme – the transporting of the mineral.

Chris Fraser, chief executive of York Potash’s parent company, Sirius Minerals plc, said a new mineral transport system (MTS) was being put forward to the Park Authority in its new plans for the scheme which is scheduled to have its minehead at Sneaton and create jobs for people in Ryedale.

“We are replacing the previously proposed pipeline as the method of transport for polyhalite between the mine site and the materials handling plant at Teesside. The new system is essentially a mining tunnel at depths of around 120 to 360 metres that will contain a series of linked conveyor belts.”

It will replace a pipeline system which, said Mr Fraser, would have had a big impact.

“In comparison the MTS will dramatically reduce the construction footprint.”

The result, said Mr Fraser, will reduce the project’s surface construction impact and buildings on the site by 70 per cent, cut operating costs by 25 per cent and completely remove the need for construction in any protected moorland sites.

Pre-application public consultation events will be held in the coming months.




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