Pupils dedicate themselves to the appliance of science

SCIENCE is fun, science is exciting and science is directly relevant to the real world.

This is the message that Sam Watson, head of science at Terrington Hall School, wanted to get across to pupils during a school-wide science week.

Mr Watson said: "I thought we'd kick off the International Year of Astronomy with a dedicated science week. All the children, from nursery through to Year Eight, have been involved, whether conducting scientific investigations or attending talks by external speakers. Sadly, the evening astronomy sessions could not go ahead because of the dense cloud cover." The school has recently invested in two telescopes to view the night sky. Apart from studying Jupiter's four main moons and observing Saturn's rings, the pupils are poised to train the telescopes on the Moon and record duststorms on the Moon's surface. All the data collected will be sent into the British Astronomical Association, to which the school belongs.

Mr Watson added: "This is real science and the pupils will be contributing real research data. As a child I was fascinated by looking down a lens and seeing the Moon close-up with my own eyes. Today's children are no different."

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