Review begins into urgent health services

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breaking news

The NHS is to carry out a 
review of urgent care services in Ryedale and Scarborough.

This week the area’s Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) launched a 12-week consultation exercise which, said the two Urgent Care Leaders, Dr Omnia Hefni and Dr Peter Billingsly, will enable the CCG to share its ideas with the public and to obtain their views.

“The main way we will capture the people’s view is via a survey,” they said.

Four public events are to be held, starting on Thursday February 20 at The Street Centre, in Scarborough, at 7 pm, while another will be at the Ryedale District Council headquarters, Ryedale House, Malton on Wednesday February 26, also at 7 pm.

On Wednesday March 5 there will be a session at 2pm at Eastfield Community Centre, and another on Thursday March 13 at 7pm at the Evron Centre, Filey.

“These events will give people the opportunity to watch the video and ask questions of a panel of local GPs and health professionals who are members of the CCG’s governing body,” said the two doctors in a statement.

In addition to the public meetings, the CCG is also planning a number of focus groups with frequent users of urgent care services, including mothers of young children, the elderly, and people who have moved to the area from Eastern Europe.

“Urgent care is for a sudden illness of injuries that need treating fast, but are not considered to be a 999 emergency,” said the doctors.

The current urgent care services that form part of the review are the Castle Health walk-in centre at Scarborough, Malton Community Hospital minor injuries unit, GP out-of-hours service, and the A&E department at Scarborough Hospital.

“The CCG believes there is an opportunity to improve patient experience and create better value for money by integrating these services into a single contract,” said the CCG statement.

“There are a number of national and local drivers to create a more integrated urgent care system that will not only benefit patients but that is also better value for money.”

The new integrated model for urgent care services is expected to be launched in April.




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