Tribute to police chief who served during the Blitz

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A former Malton Chief Inspector who also served with the Home Guard during the Blitz has died.

John Martin, a man of many interests and accomplishments, grew up in the Kensington area of London where he attended the Chelsea Oratory Central School until its evacuation during World War II.

Undeterred by the threat from enemy bombers, John remained in London and joined the Home Guard during the Blitz - even though he was underage.

He joined the army in 1945 and became a Military Policeman, serving in Soho.

He later passed an instructor examination and was posted to Scarborough where he met his future wife, Barbara, who worked with the NAAFI at Burniston Barracks.

On his demob, they married at Wharram-le-Street, near Malton, and John joined the East Riding Constabulary.

During his police career, he became known as “Doggie Martin” for his dog-handling skills exhibited with his black Alsatian, Quonta, and later retired in 1976 as Chief Inspector at Malton Police Station.

In later life, he moved to Osgodby and became involved in village life, serving as the first chairman of the parish council. He was also former chairman of the Scarborough branch of the International Police Association.




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