Youngsters win literature prize in regional final

A TEAM from Woodleigh School in Langton has scooped second place in the regional final of an annual international literature competition.

The Kid's Lit Quiz - a worldwide event with competitions across the UK and the USA, China, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa – aims to motivate children and young people to read for pleasure and develop the habit of sustained reading by offering them irresistible reading challenges and enormous fun with a competitive element and great team-building opportunities.

Teams of four students work together to answer wide-ranging literary questions. The winning team from each region competes in the national final.

Woodleigh’s team of Millie Jo Castleton,13, from Bridlington, Fred Weeks, 12, from Leven, Ellenya Smith, 12, from Naples and Patrick Litten, 11, from Middleton, faced 50 other teams from all around Yorkshire.

Woodleigh School scored its highest total ever, 77.5 points, to finish just three points behind the winners North Halifax Grammar School.

The team won three rounds on their way to second place and 40 in book tokens. Patrick also won two individual rounds.

The competition lasted over two hours and comprised ten themed rounds. Subjects included elephants, rabbits, doctors, powers, reptiles and a difficult round on riddles.

Patrick Litten said: “We were really happy and surprised to do so well and come second.”

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