Owlet starlets make their first appearance

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The wait is over.

Six eggs laid by a pair of barn owls have begun to hatch and are now being closely monitored via a video link set up by wildlife artist Robert Fuller in Thixendale, near Malton.

It could prove to be a boon for the species where populations of barn owls across North Yorkshire are so low that each potential new bird is vital to their recovery. The new chicks also represent a real hope for increasing barn owl numbers in the Thixendale area which saw an 80 per cent drop in 2011 and a disastrous breeding season in 2013.

The first few eggs hatched last week.

Mr Fuller, who is the founder member of the Wolds Barn Owl Group and a patron of the World Owl Trust, said he is delighted with the new arrivals and will continue to watch closely to see if the young chicks survive.

He will also continue to supplement feed the parent birds as he and his team help rear this “very precious new generation.”

Video of the new chicks can be seen on Robert’s You Tube channel - fuller527 - and a live feed operates from his gallery at Fotherdale Gallery, Thixendale.

He has also launched a 
Facebook campaign to 
help name the new additions.

Pictured: The first chick is welcomed into the world by one of its parents.

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