Uncertainty over future of CAP meetings

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UNCERTAINTY surrounds the future of Ryedale’s Community and Police Consultation Group (CAP) meetings.

The regular get-togethers are a forum which allow officers to share information and listen to any concerns from the public.

Meetings are held across the district and are funded by the soon-to-be-defunct North Yorkshire Police Authority.

But there are concerns that once the new Police and Crime Commissioner is appointed in November, she may decide to stop funding the meetings.

Cllr Jason Fitzgerald-Smith, the Mayor of Malton and a member of the Police Authority, said: “I am hoping they will continue but we are going to be in limbo.

“The Police Authority fund the meetings and I honestly think throughout Ryedale they are very welcome.

“They bring people together and resolve issues very effectively.

“I think if we keep something going and send the bill into the Police Commissioner, hopefully they will pay 

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