Pickering panto group triumphs

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PICKERING Musical Society once again put on a very successful pantomime; Dick Whittington, was full of fun, laughter and the usual frolics!

A very good cast led this performance with lots of good partnerships created.

Fairy Bow-Bells was played by Megan Robinson in her first role in a Pickering pantomime.

She endeared herself to the audience and showed the right amount of disdain for her counterpart, Queen Rat, played by Maureen Symonds. Maureen clearly relished this opportunity to show her wicked side.

Garry Ridler played a stoic Alderman Fitzwarren. It was just a shame there was no love interest for him.

Idle Jack was played by Stephen Temple who coped well being paired with veteran Marcus Burnside. He played the dame, Sarah, and could have quite easily stolen the limelight.

Their love story was sweet and touching, though Jack did not seem keen on the touching part!

Michelle Carter returned to reprise her role as our hero, Dick. She played the part with her usual thigh-slapping grace and sang beautifully throughout.

She had a new love interest this year with Clare Benson as Alice, the Alderman’s daughter.

It was good to see young talent coming through the ranks.

Dick’s other sidekick, Tommy the Cat, was played gracefully by Rosie Bircumshaw. She showed off her dancing background with brilliant solo performances.

Simon Wrench and Linda Tester also provided comedy value as Captain Port and First Mate Starboard.

Although new to Pickering panto, Simon acted like a veteran. The faces he pulled were priceless.

The cast was completed by Clare Carter as Sultana Bunn and Jane Sampson as Zubediah. Jane has been a stalwart of the crowd for many years now and acted really well in her first main part.

Clare was regal and worryingly keen to chop off heads.

The chorus was full of animation and made a lovely sound.

The dancers were immaculate and provided amazing dances that left the crowd breathless.

The junior dancers showed that they have so much talent in their midst. Well done to The Sarah Ashworth School of Dance for providing such brilliant stars.

I was particularly taken by the costumes and make up used throughout. Queen Rat’s eyes were the stuff of nightmares!

The music was brilliant, with a young band led by Richard Benson. The technical team and backstage gave a flawless performance.

The front of house team was welcoming.

Director David Tester did another outstanding job ensuring that his cast and crew enjoyed themselves, which showed through their performances.

Overall this was very good with some exciting individuals, particularly those who are new.

Is this the start of something even better? If so, bring on next year!

Review by Angela J Bedwell

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