Ryedale Show 2008 Trophy Winners

A full round of winners from this year's Ryedale Show.


Perpetual Challenge Cup for the best Cleveland Bay: Champion: Mrs Heather Kettley

Reserve: The Steriker Cup for the best Brood Mare: J Houseman

Challenge Cup for best young hunter: J Houseman

The Bradley Perpetual Challenge Cup for best heavyweight ridden hunter: Mr Surtees

Simon Boak Trophy for best in pony breeding section: Mrs Karen Smith

Frank Lee Cup for best mountain & moorland in hand section: D Eccles

Chandlings Tambourine Rosebowl for champion 3-year-old and under: SA Potter

The Pyman Silver Salver for champion show hunter pony: Messrs Hendrie and Tomkinson

The Parker Trophy for best working hunter pony:

Mrs Claire McCullagh

Hunter Breeding Championship: Mrs & Mrs W & J Moran

Curtis Challenge Cup for Best Brood Mare: Mrs Joyce Houseman

JR Morris Challenge Cup: Mrs & Mrs W & J Moran

Foal Championship: Mrs Hazel Bramley

The Ridden Show Pony Championship: Mrs K M Smith

Show Pony Championship: Mrs B & J McGrath and Weldon

Shire Horse Society silver spoon for best mare or filly: F W Richardson

In Hand mountain and moorland championship: Miss S Potter

In Hand Coloured Championship: Miss Tessa Nelson

The Richmond Trophy ridden Show Pony: Mrs E J Wheldon

Barclays Bank Silver Show Jumping: P Barker

Boss Tweed Trophy, Miranda Wallace

Bradley Challenge Cup, MR SurteesJR Morris Challenge Cup, J Houseman

Simon Bank Trophy, Mrs KM Smith

Richmond Trophy,Mrs EJ Wheldon

Captain Coates Challenge Cup Best Cleveland Bay: Mr & Mrs N G Cowgill

Best Turned out: Mrs Heather Ketley

Tamborine Rose Bowl: Mrs S Potter

The Breck House Engineering Perpetual Cup for winner of the silage competition: Mr S Howarth


A Handmade Gift: J Gamble from Wombleton

A Handmade Card: C Bancroft from Wombleton

A piece of Artwork, mounted, any medium excluding embroidery: Jenny Greaves from Wombleton

A framed embroidery, any medium: E Hepburn from Wombleton

Recycled Item: C Bancroft from Wombleton

The Mrs EM Boyes Cup – Best Overall Winner in

Handicraft section: E Hepburn from Wombleton

A Round Arrangement of Flowers with Foliage:

Carol Gamble from Wombleton

An Arrangement for a New Baby: Carol Gamble

from Wombleton

A flower arrangement in a single candlestick: Carol

Bishop from Wombleton

The Nina Harrison Salver for best overall winner in

flower section: Carol Gamble from Wombleton

Five Shortcrust Pastry Sausage Rolls: J Wakefield

from Helmsley

A Rich Dundee Cake: Mary Robey from Slingsby

Five Ginger Biscuits: Maureen Bulmer from


A Jar of Lemon Curd: P Smirthwaite from Slingsby

The Harmony Houlsten Cup for the best overall

winner in the cookery section:MRobey from Slingsby

Salver for best overall winner in photography


Francis J Harrison Memorial Trophy presented

by the late Mrs R.M. Pearson for the best

Pedigree Leicester Sheep, C Mudd

The Harper Cup for Oxford and Suffolk Sheep,

D Aconley

The Fred Turner Memorial trophy for the best

Fat Lamb in the non-accredited section, AC


The Mrs V. Kendrew Cup for the best Texel

Sheep, GL Riby

The Edwin Wood Memorial Trophy for Sheep,

S and M Watkinson

The Thomas H & J Harrison Weighell

Memorial Trophy for Scotch Sheep, P Turnbull

The H.P. Boocock Cup for Scotch Sheep opposite

sex, P Turnbull

The Reg Sunley Trophy for Masham Sheep, M

and B Allen

The George Pearson Cup for the best Mule

Sheep, AC and SA Hutchinson

The Wrothwell Trophy donated by F.J.H.

Wrothwell Ltd for the best Swaledale Sheep, A

and L Fawbert

The Amory Trophy for the best Jacob Sheep, S


The W.H. Dunn Cup for the Best Fleece in the

Show, S Hipps

The Blue Faced Leicester Sheep Society Plaque

for the best Sheep in Show

The Best Rare Breed of Sheep Trophy presented

by Mr J. Backhouse, L Arrowsmith

Perpetual Challenge Trophy presented by the

North of England Charollais Sheep Society for

the Supreme, Champion in the Charollais Sheep

classes, T and J Hunter

Freda Stenton Perpetual Trophy for the

Champion Blue Faced Leicester, J and D Stenton

Champion Pet Lamb Perpetual Cup Kindly

donated in memory of the Late Mrs Adrienne

Greaves, George Bulmer

Nellie Roberts Memorial Trophy for best

Ryeland, P Rothwell


WH Dunn Cup, Best in Show


The Society Cup presented for the best White

Breeding Pig in the Show, Miss C Horsleys

G.R. Wood Perpetual Challenge Cup for the

best Saddleback Pig in the Show, J R & M L


Cundalls Trophy for the Champion Pig, J R &

M L Wreakes


The Tom Jeffrey Memorial Cup for the Best

Young Shire Horse F W Richardson

The Ray Leckenby Memorial Perpetual Trophy

for the Champion Shire, F W Richardson

The Breeders Championship Brood Mare, J


Riding Bay breeding, Mrs KM Smith



The George Russell Cup for the best Dairy animal

in the Show, Ravenfield Jerseys

The Lund Court Challenge Cup for the best

Pedigree British Friesian Cow or Heifer exhibited

in a pedigree class donated by the late Col. and

the Hon. Mrs F. H. P. Barker

North East of England Ayrshire Cattle

Breeders - B.O.C.M. Trophy for the Champion

Calf, Farmway Trophy for the Champion Handler

The Syd Teasdale Memorial Trophy for the

Champion in the Jersey Section, Ravenfield

Jerseys, Les Ormes Milky Chris

The Chip Stonehouse Cup for the best Pedigree

Dairy Shorthorn, S Stonehouse, Elisha 18 month

Old Homebred Heifer

C.T. Stonehouse & Son Trophy for the best

Dairy Heifer Calf shown by an exhibitor within

the Show area, Rowan Ward, Kirkbymoorside

Mr and Mrs Les Turnbull Perpetual Challenge

Trophy for the best Dairy Heifer in class 69,

Rowan Ward, Kirkbymoorside

Dexter Breed Spoon for the Champion Dexter,

K and I Emmerson


The Lt Col. D.R. Tetley Perpetual Challenge

Trophy for the best Beef Animal for breeding

purposes, CR Raine, Driffield

The Sidney Fairburn Perpetual Challenge Cup

for the best Beef Bull in the pedigree section, D &

P A Evans

The Reagarth Farm Admin Services Trophy

for the Junior Champion of the pedigree section,

Millington Grange Estate

The Kirbymisperton Challenge Cup given by

the late Alderman Twentyman and the late Mr

T.V.S. Twentyman for the Champion Beef

Shorthorn bred by the exhibitor, R Hebdon, John

of Loxley 3 year old bull

North East Simmental Cattle Club Trophy for

the Champion Simmental to be competed annually,

J T & G Smith

The Wells Cundall Cup for the best Registered

Limousin, Millington Grange, Millngton Carla,

18 month old heifer

The Tom Bell Memorial Trophy presented by

his family for the best registered Limousin Bull

in the registered Limousin Section

Millngton Grange, Millington Canada

The Adamsall Trophy presented by Mr G.N.

Thomas for the best Aberdeen Angus bred in

Yorkshire & Humberside by the exhibitor

Miss J Swires, Cragg Minnapolis Belle, Malton

The Brookfield Perpetual Challenge Cup presented

by Stephen Potter for the Supreme

Champion British Blue, CR Raine, Ridge Dean

Another Bluey

The Hallmark Trophy presented by Mr A. Hall

for the Champion British Blonde, W & M Seels

The Albert Metcalfe Cup for the Champion in

any other Beef Breed class, Mrs J Walker,

Masfield Colorado

The Pauls Perpetual Challenge Cup presented

by Pauls Agriculture Ltd., for the Best Butchers

Beast in Show, Rice family

The Cundalls Trophy presented by Cundalls

for the best opposite sex to the Champion Beast in

the Beef Cattle classes, J L White & Son

D. Waind Memorial Trophy for the best Beef

Heifer up to and including 400kg, Rice family

The Yorkshire Building Society Rose

Bowl for the best pair of Beef Animals, Rice family

The Geo Otterburn Memorial Trophy for the

best Beef Animal shown by an exhibitor in the

Show area, MT Bulmer

The Perpetual Challenge Cup presented by the

Scottish & Northern Charolais Breeders

Association Ltd. for the Best Charolais Cross

Beast, Turnbull family

The John Cussons Memorial Trophy for the

best Beef type Calf in the Calf class, Henry


The Breck House Engineering Perpetual Cup

presented to the winner of the Silage

Competition, Sam Howarth, Wilton


The Milton Leadley Cup for the infant gaining

the most points in his or her age group, Adam

Richardson, Rosedale

The Ernest Wiseman Perpetual Challenge Cup

for the Junior Child gaining most points in his or

her own age group, Polly Missen, Snainton

The Eleanor Marley Cup for the Upper Junior

Child gaining most points in his or her own age

group, Ella Wheeler, High Kilburn, York

The Michael Foster Cup for the Senior Child

gaining most points in his or her own age group,

Emma Mayne, Harome

Fay Hill Cup for Handwriting Polly Richarson,


George Shippey Cup for Girls, Bethany

Richardson, Rosedale

George Shippey Cup for Boys, Anthony

Jennison, Pickering

Winner of the show programme cover 2009,

Emma Mayne, Harome


Marion Saas Rose Bowl for Preserves,

Elizabeth Cornforth, Cropton

Anniversary Cup for Produce, Mary

Armstrong, Pickering

Kath Frank Cup for Flowers, Jane Wilkinson,

Middleton Aislaby & Wrelton

Harrison Cup for Photography, Sandra Culley,

Levisham with Lockton

Gentleman's Tankard for Handicraft, John

Nichol, Kirkbymoorside

Handicraft Cup for Handicraft, Colleen Nicoll,


Dora Helliwell Cup for Painting, Christine

Dye, Normanby & Marton

Silver Candlestick for Creative Writing,

Jennifer Caunt, Pickering

Johns Shaw Cup for Co-operative Effort,


Silver Salver, Susan Harlow, Pickering

Ryedale Challenge Cup for WI gaining most

points, Cropton

Mrs EM Boyes Cup for Overall winner in the

handicraft section, E Hepburn, Wombleton

NinaHarrison Salver overall winner in the

Flower Section, Carol Gamble, Wombleton

Harmony Houlston Cup overall winner in a

cookery section, Mary Robey, Slingsby

Salver for the overall winner in photography

section, Jan Andrews, Wombleton


Large, Kevin Walker Agricultural Plant


Small, Holmfield Nurseries


The Kenneth Wilson Cup for the exhibitor gaining the most points in the Roots and Grain classes, W H Dunn & Sons, Helmsley

The Kirkbymoorside Allotment Holders Cup for the Produce Section, RB Potter, East Ayton

The Sidney Waind Perpetual Trophy for the most points in the Produce section, excluding Roots and Grain, Mrs P E Milledge, Hull

The Betty Fairburn Perpetual Trophy for the most points in the Produce and Cooking Sections, Mrs C A Tennant, Great Smeaton

The Alice Cussons Memorial Trophy presented by Mr D.E. Cussons for the most points gained by an exhibitor resident in Ryedale, CB Smailes, Fadmoor

The Mr & Mrs N.L. Jeminson Perpetual Trophy for the best Pot Plant exhibit in the Horticultural section, Mr Roy Parker, Hutton Buscel

The F.E. Wrightson & Associates, Kirkbymoorside Perpetual Challenge Trophy for the best exhibit in the Photography section, Mrs PE Milledge, Hull

The Ryedale Shopper Cup presented by Mr & Mrs Denis Charlesworth to be awarded for the best Shepherd's Crook and held for one year only,

Dr Calvert, Pudsey ve & Kit Heslerton Perpetual Rose Bowl for

the best exhibitor in the Embroidery classes. Mrs

CA Featherstone, Farndale

Irene Embleton Trophy for the best Sampler,

Diane Riuis, Nawton

Fieldcare Shield for Best Exhibit in Group

grain class, Wytherstone Farms, Pockley


Best FancyPigeon, DK Knaggs

Best Racing Pigeon, Dixon and Dodgson

Small Stock Section Best in Show, EN Durham

Best Waterfowl, P Christon

Best Cavie, Mr A Belgan

Best Fur Rabbit, Ranchhouse Stud

Best Fancy Rabbit, Mrs S Cornforth

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