Young artists earn praise for creative talent

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An art historian has praised the quality of the work of pupils at Terrington Hall School’s annual art exhibition.

The Year Three to Year Eight pupils submitted work across a wide range of styles, including watercolours, oil paintings, pencil drawings, pastels, charcoals, collages and batik.

The exhibition was organised by the school’s head of art Natalie Glen and art teacher Phil Magson.

Pippa Bell, who judged this year’s competition, said: There are several pieces of art here that I would happily buy and hang on my walls.

“I am particularly impressed by the quality of the brushwork and the skillful use of colour. There are some technically brilliant pieces, but what I admire most is the range of individual expression on display.

“Art is all about being prepared to have a go, and I’m so pleased to see so many children having the courage to do just that.”


Fine Art

Year Eight: 1st Francesca Chapman; 2nd Joe Browne; and 3rd Lily Naylor.

Year Seven: 1st Coco Charters; 2nd Anna Barker; and 3rd Freddie Cade.

Year Six: 1st Poppy Kellock; 2nd Christabel Story; and 3rd Ollie McBeath.

Year Five: 1st Adam Reid; 2nd Olympia Storey; and 3rd Rachel Lindenberg.

Year Four: 1st Amelie Fraser; 2nd Eddie Browne; and 3rd Leila Charters.

Year Three: 1st Oliver Preston; 2nd Zak Wainwright; and 3rd Kayla Paley.


Year 8: 1st Lily Browne; 2nd Max Twiddle; and 3rd George Black.

Year 6: 1st Emily Breese; 2nd Poppy Kellock; and 3rd Georgina Webb.


Year 7: 1st Anna Barker, 2nd Emma Watson; and 3rd Benjie Wilson and George Black.

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